I feel it's necessary to explain the backstory of how it all began and where we are now.

When I started skating at the age of 14 in my small town I never thought that the simple toy would take me on an amazing life journey, making me friends across the world and bring me where I am today, at Last Try.

I had been skating for a few years and would frequent the local art college to skate the ledges and hang out with like-minded people. I had amazing experiences that changed my life forever.



At the age of 17 I got my first sponsor, a now defunct, clothing company in Los Angeles. I was living the dream, getting fat packages every month full of the best and latest gear. I was stoked. 

I met some really amazing people, a lot of them were skaters, just like me. We were all creative people with a lot in common with a passion for having a good time skateboarding. 

Now here is where it gets fuzzy. I'm not sure if I met Suki at the college or after, I'll have to ask her at some point. But they were pretty close together so it doesn't really matter.

Around that same time I started teaching snowboarding at a local ski resort and hung out with the DRC crew. We rode a lot and while teaching, I started a friendship with Suki, my partner at Last Try. We became BFFs almost instantly.

Around the same time I got my first sponsorship, a small clothing company from Los Angeles. They were very good to me, sending me giant boxes of product every month. Shortly after that I got hooked up with a shoe sponsor, the same company that Mark Gonzales rode for, that was a dream come true.

Mark Gonzales Simple Shoes Ad

I also started getting flow from a hard-goods company as well. I was set, clothes, shoes and decks. This gave me the motivation to get out of my small town and try to "make it" in the skateboard world of California. 

 At 17, I left school before shortly before graduation and embarked on a whirlwind tour of the United States with my shoe sponsor. The goal of the trip was to hit every major city from NYC to San Francisco promoting the shoes and getting footage for an upcoming promo video. Needless to say, I was stoked.

On this trip, I realized that skateboarding was everywhere. In every small town across America, there were skaters. And when we went to these small towns, we instantly had new friends because we all skated.

Between then and now life has thrown me ups and downs but there's one thing that has stayed consistent. Skateboarders are amazing people and skateboarding is an amazing activity that I want to share with as many people as possible.


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